Pearls Are for Every Occasion

If you’ve been wondering how you can incorporate these delicate gemstones in your daily outfits, we have some tips and tricks up our sleeves that we’re happy to share. Whether you’ve just discovered that pearls are timeless and you want to start up your collection, or if you are looking for a perfect gift, you’ll soon find out that they are versatile and delicately stand out. The times when they were perceived as old fashioned and outdated are long gone. Now you can wear them on your eighteenth birthday, on your wedding day and to parties for a glamorous and effortlessly elegant look. If you’re not a big fan of the round, white classic pearl, there are plenty of shapes and colors for you to choose from. Adjust them according to the time of day and the occasion and you won’t go unnoticed. They never go out of style, so it’s safe to invest in a statement necklace that you can wear time and time again.

Casual outfit with cream pearl set

Formal events

Nothing pulls an outfit together better than a fine set of pearls. A classic look follows the less is more motto. Which means that a little black dress and a single strand necklace of freshwater pearls will do the trick. Polish everything off with a sleek chignon and red lips to really make the pearls stand out. And if you want to go bold, South Sea pearls will definitely turn heads. The best thing is that they look good with anything. Whether you go with a complicated pattern or an intricate gown, pearls will always highlight your complexion and won’t go unnoticed.


Pearls are also known as the bride’s jewelry. No one can deny they look stunning with the white dress and years later, when you’ll be looking at the photos of your wedding you won’t regret your jewelry choices. Just make sure to wear pearls that complement your dress. Go for romantic, rosy, small pearls if you’re wearing a princess gown, or for a multiple strand pearl choker to complement a sweetheart neckline. For up-do hairstyles, chandelier pearl earrings will make you look even more radiant and sophisticated.


Whether you’re working in a formal environment, or if every day is casual Friday, pearls look as good with jeans as they look with buttoned up shirts. You can’t go wrong with simple pearl stud earrings. They make messy buns look stylish, and black blazers seem less harsh. Pearls are ideal for work because they look professional without being too flashy. Simple pearl pendants will help you achieve a more contemporary effect, while multiple strand bracelets look perfect with short sleeves or peeking out of your jacket’s sleeves.


Pearls are not as pretentious as some may think. They look as gorgeous with stilettoes as they do with a pair of converse. There are many designers out there that are incorporating pearls in modern accessories, and we keep seeing the gemstones popping up on the runaway more and more. They’re not always white and round. The button shaped pearls are used in accessories, not only in jewelry, while black, exotic Tahitian pearls are also worn by men. Carved pearls are no longer something out of the ordinary. They’re still stylish, but with an edgy twist. If you don’t want to look demure when you’re wearing pearls, find a piece of jewelry that incorporates other materials, like leather or white gold.